Get Involved

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Brown Robe Benefit and Road to Rome Raffle. The generosity of our Capuchin supporters is humbling, and we thank you for walking alongside the friars as they continue to follow the path of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Can you help us fill the auction block with unique prizes and tantalizing trips? Do you have connections in the business world that could bring new items to the collection? Everything from restaurant certificates to home improvement services make wonderful gifts.

Do you have a vacation home you’d share with us for a week? Our guests love to get away from it all and relax, whether it’s on a beach staring at the perfect blue sea or in a mountain cabin surrounded by God’s creation.

What about event tickets? We all love to treat our loved ones to special events such as the theater, sporting contests or even movie nights and art shows. These too are sought-after auction items.

Has your art collection outgrown your space to display it all? Thrill another art or collectible lover with your donation. Your gift helps the Capuchin friars walk farther into the world.

Who knows, your donation might be the magic link to adding the perfect item that makes this the biggest and best Brown Robe Benefit and Road to Rome Raffle ever.

Still don’t know what to give? Got miles? Your accumulated frequent flyer miles with any airline, or on your credit card, make an incredible gift. We are blessed with donors who have the ability and desire to offer vacations all across the globe. Every year the Capuchins then must purchase the airline tickets to complete those vacations. If you donate frequent flyer miles it crosses a BIG need off our list.

Perhaps you can provide a professional service or help underwrite the essential expenses of these events.

Every donation helps the Capuchin friars continue their ministry. Your gift allows them to visit the imprisoned and share the word of God. Your generosity helps them clothe the naked, feed the hungry and house the poor. You give to the friars, and they give hope to the hopeless.

If you or someone you know can help, contact us at 303.477.5436 or

Note:  Any items received after the deadline will be featured in the following year’s auction. We are grateful for your support!